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Atelier-Auslandsstipendiatin: Anaïs Horn; Ausstellungeröffnung am 11.Oktober 2019, Plovdiv

INVITATION / Opening / Anaïs Horn IN-BETWEEN / FLUCA Pavilion


11 - 17 October 2019

11 October, 19:00
with a performance by Melina Atanasova and Donka Kyoseva (20:00)

Curated by Boris Kostadinov

Austrian Cultural Pavilion Otets Paisiy 38
4000 Tsentar, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Trailer for the exhibition: Externe Verknüpfung
In her latest work IN-BETWEEN, Anaïs Horn (Paris / Vienna) puts herself in a long row of Romnia-portrayal, but challenges and questions the traditions, existing methods and aesthetics of this depiction with her awareness for different angles of female subjectivity.
The portrayed Romnia girls may come from different socio-economical backgrounds and live under diverse conditions within their hometown Plovdiv, but still share common aspirations for their future life. Anaïs Horn develops an intimate dialogue with the teenage girls and portrays them detached from their everyday environment in a "white cubeˮ which leaves enough room for their personalities to unfold. 
These portraits are printed on 12 semitransparent curtains in between which the viewers can stroll around, but the title also refers to a current international discourse on Roma feminism, where the aspect of "in-between-nessˮ of Roma communities is highlighted as a chance for Romnia women to extend their networks beyond all nations and nationalities.

The project was developed during the artist's two-month FLUCA residency in Plovdiv and is supported by the Cultural Department of the Province of Styria and the Federal Chancellery of Austria.

Oh land, mine and afforested.
I am she, your daughter.
The woodlands and plains are singing.
The river and I combine our notes
into one Gypsy hymn.
I will go into the mountains
in a beautiful swinging skirt
made of flower petals.
I shall cry out with all my strength.



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