13.9.2022: Ausstellung des Atelier Auslandsstipendiaten Karl Wratschko: "More Images About Architecture and the Sea"

Aleksandra Kolodziejczyk & Karl Wratschko

The exhibition reveals new cinematic and photographic works, made between the years 2020- 2022 by two artists from Austria, using analogue methods. The works focus on architecture in public spaces and structures on seashores. At times, these two features merge into one another.

Questioning "the everyday's view" alongside "the tourist's gaze" of architecture and seashores are standing in the center of the exhibition's discourse. The perception of streets, monuments and seaside resorts is particularly chosen by the artists. Most people merely invest a glimpse in it, however, while taking a closer look- political issues are manifested in those areas of public space, bringing inequalities, power differences and socio-political problems in society to the fore.

In the eyes of the artists, a deeper look at architecture and landscape reveals a certain "contamination". Often, contamination is understood as environmental pollution. In this matter, it is used in a broader sense to include socially critical issues of gender inequality, climate justice, as well as the idealization of tourist sites. In this context, Kolodziejczyk and Wratschko apply in their work the method of breaking down complex socio-political discussions, from the general - to the specific and concrete.

This way, the artists raise significant questions. Who is "remembered" and how inequalities and discriminations are manifested in a cityscape? What might our world look like in the future, if we do not take enough action against the climate crisis? What does "contaminated landscapes" mean in the context of tourism? Can the idealization/ exoticization of places of longing conceal what we do not wish to see?

Aleksandra Kolodziejczyk writes, photographs, makes films, does radio works and is active in the realms of development aid policy, women's rights and feminism. In her films "More traces" (2022), "Mittelmeer" (2022), "traces" (2020), "1|15" (2021), "Präsenz" (2020) she follows aesthetically a minimalistic approach. Thematically she breaks down complex socio-political discussions from the general to the specific and concrete. She won awards for her writing, radio and film works.


Karl Wratschko works as a curator, filmmaker and artist. Artistic Works (selection):
Films: (Most of them made with Aleksandra Kolodziejczyk): "Mittelmeer" (2022), "traces" (2021), "1|15" (2021), "Remade" (2021), "Präsenz" (2020), "Index" (2018), "I have seen the future" (2017), "Pale April" (2016), "Monte Nero" (2014).
Installation works: "Feminitiv" (2021, with Michael Bachhofer and Karin Watabe-Wolfger), "Riegersburg" (with Andreas Heller), "Guggenheim in Floridsdorf" (2020, with God's Entertainment), "Ich bin viele Gesichter" (2018), "Informa" (2016, both with Michael Bachhofer).


In the frame of a collaboration and exchange program with Styria Artist in Residence Program, Graz, Austria, and with their kind support

Supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum, Israel

 Opening event: September 13, 2022

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