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Alpen-Adria-Allianz: Call for financial applications 2021

Download Form "Application for Funding" 
Download Form "Application for Funding"
All small-scale projects must support the Priority "Strengthen Community Cohesion" (see pp. 62/63 of "SAA - 2027 
All small-scale projects must support the Priority "Strengthen Community Cohesion" (see pp. 62/63 of "SAA - 2027

Application Period: June 1st to September 30th 2021.

According to chapter V of the current Procedural Rules the joint budget of the Alps-Adriatic-Alliance is intended to support „the financing of important activities and projects, which are significant for the entire network".

The Alps-Adriatic-Alliance supports

  • preparation costs for the submission of a project within the framework of appropriate EU-programs (e.g. Europe for Citizens, ERASMUS+, Creative Europe, etc.)
  • the implementation of EU co-financed projects
  • joint projects which are in the overall common interest of the cooperation network

Criteria for the successful selection of applications:

  • Projects financed by the AAA must involve the absolute minimum of three regular members of the AAA from three different countries.
  • The more project-partners involved, the higher the chance for approval.
  • All members of the AAA must have the opportunity to be part of the project.
  • The role of each partner should be described in the application.
  • The expectable added value of the project for the entire AAA must be clearly described in the application form and is subject to evaluation after the project is completed.
  • The general outreach of the project (participants, possible visitors, expectable media reception, printed and/or online publication of results etc.) is essential.
  • All small-scale projects must support the Priority 2.3 "Strengthen Community Cohesion" Externe Verknüpfung (see pp. 62/63 of "SAA - 2027")

All application forms must be sent to the responsible Thematic Coordination Point (TCP) by September 30th 2021, 23:59 hours. The addresses of the TCPs are indicated on the application form as well as on Externe Verknüpfung http://www.alps-adriatic-alliance.org/organization-and-addresses/thematic-coordination-points/

Externe Verknüpfung APPLICATION FORM >>>

To download the detailed implementation guidelines as well as the procedural rules and the strategy "SAA - 2027" please click
=> Externe Verknüpfung http://www.alps-adriatic-alliance.org/downloads/

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