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01.12.2020: Kultur*Europa*Journal mit Daniela Brasil

Daniela Brasil is an artist, activist, facilitator, educator and researcher, working on decoloniality and emancipatory processes through the arts. Her practice encompasses pedagogical and curatorial strategies, as well as socially engaged artistic practices that use collaboration, playfulness and radical imagination as exercises for active citizenship and tools for people's empowerment. It focus on exploratory, transdiciplinary and coalitional learning processes that encourages situated, relational co-production of knowledge. She has been collaborating with Free Home University, Lecce and Silent University Austria, and she is a member of the Neuberg College - Verein für Übersetzung der Gesellschaft, Ecoversities Alliance, InRiCo - Indigenous Rights Collective Graz and the Daily Rhythms Collective.

Currently Daniela Brasil is involved in 3 projects from Graz Kultur Jahr 2020.

Externe Verknüpfung http://koenigbrasil.net/
Externe Verknüpfung https://www.diestadtunddasguteleben.at/
Externe Verknüpfung https://www.kulturjahr2020.at/projekte/homeostasis/Externe Verknüpfung https://www.kulturjahr2020.at/projekte/viertelpalast-und-die-schule-des-wir/

Interview: Sandra Kocuvan, Leiterin der EU-Beratungsstelle für Künstler*innen und Kulturschaffende in der Abteilung 9 Kultur, Europa Sport des Landes Steiermark.

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